Review | The Silver Cage by Anonymous

The Silver CageThe Silver Cage by Anonymous

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“I need my family more.” Grief thinned his voice. “It’s like, if they don’t know, God doesn’t know. And I want to go to Heaven.”

I don’t know…. I went back and forth between three and four stars for this book. Until I read that sentence and Caleb pulled on my heartstrings just right.

I didn’t particularly like him or really understand him until then. But when he said that sentence I felt him in my soul. I felt his pain and all his fears.

From that point on I was flipping pages almost faster than my eyes could read.

This book is not a happy book.
It’s not a typical HEA.
It’s not hearts and flowers.

It’s a glimpse of the truth.
It’s a man hiding behind pain and lies.
It’s a man hiding behind his true self.

If you’re open minded, spiritual in any form, or in need of a quick reality check- this one will be good for you. Read it and weep.

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