Review | Final Girls by Riley Sager

Final GirlsFinal Girls by Riley Sager

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I like to do things backwards, clearly. I read TLTIL by this author and loved it so, I had to get my hands on Final Girls.

Final Girls is described as scary, while I wasn’t scared, I did find myself saying oh crap multiple times. Yes, there is death. Yes, there is blood. But it’s not all ghosts and gore.

The story follows the main Final Girl. Mysterious things keep popping up one after the other. It’s a mind game of ‘who done it’.

Sager leaves you guessing at each twist and turn. I thought I had a clue for the answer but no, that’s too easy!

I love a good heart pounding thriller to keep me on my toes. I don’t want to know what’s going on till the very last chance I get.

The last half of the book does just that. It’s an information overload that keeps you turning pages till the end.

Watch out for this authors next work. They are on a roll, definitely on my top fav list.

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