Review | Disturbed by Jennifer Jaynes

DisturbedDisturbed by Jennifer Jaynes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The mind is such an interesting creature!

This is my first Jennifer Jaynes novel and it won’t be my last. I LOVED it. Just when I thought I might have a hint about what was going on, she flipped the switch. It wasn’t till about 90% that I figured it out and stopped having doubts.

Disturbed is a semi-dark read, the murders being gruesome. Chelsea has a hard time overcoming her past and what she went through that dark night. Paranoid and vulnerable, Chelsea tries living life day to day but can’t seem to move on. She slowly starts unraveling and the truth comes to light.

This story is told in third person and normally I don’t enjoy that. This book, however, it worked perfectly. You get a glimpse from Chelsea herself, the detective, and a few others. Extremely well written.

That last 10% – I spent a good hour on google after reading. So interesting. Jennifer did her homework on this. Great read!

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