Review | Angry House by Alexis Kennedy

Angry HouseAngry House by Alexis Kennedy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Then she whispered softly, “It gets angry, and then it consumes you.”

Holy wow! I stumbled upon Alexis Kennedy and I’m so glad I did. Angry House is my first read by her and I can’t wait to look up the rest of her books. The third person POV depicts all aspects of the story nicely.

From the very first few pages I was so paranoid, looking over my shoulder at every little sound. I started reading this at night and I reluctantly put it down to get some sleep and not scare myself too much (lol). Needless to say, in the light of day I was still spooked. I loved it!

Rhett is an easy going, lonely widower. I felt sorry for him a lot, and I really liked his character. You could feel through the pages how much he loved his wife. On his mission to move on and start fresh, things change. Rhett changes. He becomes darker, less filtered and you could even say sinister.

But aside from the new creepy on goings in his life, there’s
Rhett’s writing a crime book and it’s interfering with his daily life.

He’s slowly losing sight of reality in this house. It’s grabbing hold of him and won’t let go. It’s all riding on him to end it, one way or another.

Bravo, Kennedy! I would love to see more Rhett in the future.

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