Review | Hometown Cowboy by Sara Richardson

Hometown Cowboy

By Sara Richardson


Jessa Mae Love is done with relationships. No matter how tempting he might be, she cannot–will not–fall for a man like Lance Cortez. The outrageously handsome cowboy is practically a living legend in Colorado, as famous for riding bulls as he is for breaking hearts. What would a big-time rodeo star like him see in a small-town veterinarian who wears glasses, rescues animals, and cries when watching rom-coms? Turns out, plenty.

Raising bulls, riding the circuit, and looking after his ailing father–Lance never stands still for long. Yet Jessa catches his attention, and the more she tries to resist him, the more he wants her. When she agrees to move to the ranch to keep an eye on Lance’s dad, Jessa tells him they have to keep it professional: no flirting, no sweet talk, and definitely no kissing. But with Jessa now living under his roof, that’s easier said than done . . .

Hometown Cowboy takes place in Topaz Falls (I love how relaxing that sounds!) with a hot rodeo bull ridin’ cowboy….. and a sweet, down home, outdoorsy animal rescuer. The perfect combination!

Jessa Mae Love is done with romance until Lance Cortez walks into her life, looking for help with his dad, Luis. Luis and Jessa have a strong connection already, so she really doesn’t want to say no. Plus it’s the perfect opportunity to get closer to Lance.

The more time they are around each other it’s obvious these two clearly have communication issues. Lance doesn’t do romance well and he knows it, heck he SAID so. Jessa has many failed almost marriages… she knows how to love and does it big. She just has to teach Lance how to love too.

In the midst of trying to work out their relationship, if you call it that, they don’t know what they are…. Luis has some medical problems he’s facing and it could be serious. SOMETHING is wrong with him and it’s scary. Jessa just want’s to be there for everyone and help the best she can.

I was so angry with Lance multiple times how he so willingly gives up. When times got tough with Jessa or he got pissed at something she did he was just done. I didn’t like that, the big bad bull rider couldn’t handle an altercation. Don’t give up on him though, he does redeem himself and grow a lot from what he was in the beginning.

“You brought me to life and now I want a life with you. Always. I hate it when you go home. I want the ranch to be our home now. Together. You and me and a whole bunch of kids.”

When they FINALLY wake up and realize what’s right in front of them, they are so cute together. They SO deserved their happily ever after. I hope that we will see more from the other Cortez brothers real soon!

My rating: 3/5 ‘cam it’ stars

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review! Many thanks for allowing me to read this book.

Buy link: AMAZON

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