Review | Lost in Scotland by Hilaria Alexander

Lost in Scotland

by Hilaria Alexander

Just when you think you’re lost, you might end up falling in love.

Sam Farouk is having a bad year. Things have gone down the drain ever since she found her boyfriend cheating on her at the Golden Globes. An unfortunate turn of events forces her to trade sunny Los Angeles with the rainy, chilly highlands of Scotland. She has the chance to work as one of the makeup artists on a new TV series based on a fantasy saga everyone is bananas about, but she can’t help feeling lost and a little bit homesick. Until she starts falling for Hugh MacLeod, the actor set to impersonate the titular role of Abarath, dragon slayer and part-time Casanova.

Hugh MacLeod is ready for his big break. After more than a decade taking every possible acting job just to stay afloat, he can finally show his range in a series to be proud of. Hugh’s commitment to his career comes before anything else, and that’s part of the reason why he hasn’t had a serious relationship in a while. But the more he’s around Sam, the more he knows he’s in deep, deep trouble. How is he supposed to not fall for the sexy, mysterious brunette who works all over him every single day? Every touch, every look is torture.
Getting lost in each other might be wrong, but it could end up being just what they need

I absolutely loved this movie star trope! It was refreshing and had a nice spin on the characters without your typical ‘rub it in your face’ rich lifestyle. For me it’s rare genuinely liking ALL of the characters but that’s not the case here. They were all very much relatable and easy to read.
“I had been given lemons, and I was going to serve lemonade.”
Right away the story takes off, Sam’s long time boyfriend is up to no good and you know there’s going to be drama. When and how? The author leaves us on our seats for a while about this one. (Which I actually liked, the suspense, the not knowing what she did – was killing me!) Fast forward a little bit and Sam is leaving the states and headed to Scotland for a new job. There’s not much left here for her and she’s no doormat. Sam is taking her opportunities as they come.
“Scotland is like a maddening woman you can’t get enough of. You’re supposed to give in and accept everything, the good and the bad.”
Hugh is the lead actor in Sam’s new job. The whole movie set is awesome, think Outlander meets Game of Thrones. Sam being the makeup artist on set gets to work up close and personal with Hugh. Their relationship is somewhat forbidden, however. Cast is not supposed to fraternize with other cast members. Hugh being the lead role could get them, and their show, into some serious trouble. The sexual frustration is through the roof – almost literally – in Hugh’s small trailer on scene. (My favorite scenes!) Hugh is the perfect Scot, his accent will have you shakin’ ye bahookie!
With their relationship being kept private there are many obstacles they must face and overcome together to get to that point of forever. It’s not easy and sometimes you just have to listen to your heart to tell you where you belong.
“Life sometimes beats any scripted show, any movie, any choreographed
romantic scene.”
5 ‘neach-gaoil’ stars!

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