Review | Bad For You by Charity Ferrell

Bad For You

By Charity Ferrell


Take my advice. Never fall for your brother’s best friend.

Bracken Casey.

Our hometown’s playboy. My brother’s best friend. The man I love. He doesn’t do girlfriends. He doesn’t do commitments. He doesn’t see me as anything more than his best friend’s little sister.

Until one night changes everything. A drunken kiss leads to a drunken screw. Now he can’t keep his hands off me, and I can’t say no to him. Rules are set: No one can find out, and it won’t lead anywhere.

But rules were meant to be broken, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. Breaking every single one. Something bad is bound to happen.

Bad For You is the perfect second chance -forbidden- romance all wrapped up in a sexy little package. Sleeping with your brother’s best friend can only lead to trouble… but so can falling in love with him….

Even though Nautica (love her name!) is away at college her older brother Simon still feels like she needs looking after. Being gone with the military he insists his best friend Bracken watch over her and babysit so to speak. Simon trusts Bracken and knows he would never allow any of those immature college boys to mess with his baby sister.

Bracken is a total ladies man. Which isn’t always a good thing, having a different girl in your bed all the time. But there’s something about Nautica that he just can’t resist. She’s different than all those other girls, she’s more than just a one night stand.

After a slip up one night and things go too far Nautica and Bracken can’t fight the feelings they have for each other. No matter how hard they try they keep going back for more. There’s only one thing standing in their way…. Simon. Sneaking around her brother is terrifying, one doesn’t want to lose his best friend and the other doesn’t want to hurt the one she loves- her family.

When the truth comes to light everything doesn’t go as planned. Tragedy strikes their family and changes everything.. more than once. Nautica is forced to make some major life choices and deal with her pain the only way she can.. moving on.

“Trust me when I say there’s nothing harder than trying to fix the woman’s heart you broke and win her back.”

Bracken is determined to make up for lost times. He’s not going to let his girl go that easily after everything they’ve been through. He just hopes his girl still wants him after all these years have gone by.

I loved the angst and the push and pull of the flirty banter between Nautica and Bracken. The secondary characters were great too! Simon and Macy are in over their heads and I’d like to know more about what’s going on there. Laugh, cry, and swoon in this bad boy meets best friends little sister romance. Forgiveness, love, and family…. There’s something for everyone in this sweet story.

My rating: 5/5 stars

Buy link: Amazon


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