Review | Always You by Belle Brooks

Always You

By Belle Brooks


“I will breathe for you.”

Some people’s bodies are built to run marathons. Others to lift and labour. And some are made so graceful their footsteps are barely heard.
My body was built to be a vessel. It was Always You.

Maybelline Connors knows stars are not always as faultless as they appear. She knows life is not permanently concreted into its foundations and love can last a lifetime…even when a lifetime is shorter than one hoped.

Willard Connors knows that life will rob you. That dreams are just that—dreams. And no matter how hard one prays, a star riddled with faults will always be riddled with faults.

What Will is yet to learn, is that he is stronger and braver than he ever imagined he could be. And that gifts from the heart leave a lasting imprint—an imprint unable to be erased.
With life there is love… with love there will always be life.

*Ugly cry alert!*

I am seriously blown away. I received this book as a “mystery book”. No idea of the cover, author, or title until I finished. I’m SO glad I took the risk and went in blind because this book cut me deep! There’s nothing I love more than a good ugly cry book with all the feels. It’s so raw and real because it could happen to anyone.

May and Will are happy in their lives. They love each other more than words can say. The only thing missing is the baby they’ve been trying so hard for.

“Love never leaves a person, Willard. I’ll never leave you because I’ll be everywhere you are carried in your heart.”

As soon as the story takes off, you can just feel the bad coming, the doom is like a black cloud hanging overhead and you get this feeling for May in the pit of your stomach. The writing is so good and so real I felt like I was experiencing what May felt. Through all the diagnosing and the sickness. Her anger and love. Emotions are high and they just pour off the pages through the entire story.

“Closing my eyes, I beg for relief from the intense feeling of suffocation creeping up my throat.”

It’a not easy to read, it’s painful and it hurts. The love between May and Will is beautiful and so inspiring. Always You is a moving story about love, loss, life, family, and acceptance.

“Goodbyes are always hard. I just want the opportunity to say them.”

My rating: 5/5 Stars
*Many thanks to Belle Brooks and Quirky Blind Date With a Book for allowing me to read this book.


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