Review | Crush Me by Stasia Black

Crush Me

By Stasia Black


From the very beginning, I suspected I was making a bargain with the devil. I accepted a position as Bryce Gentry’s personal assistant knowing there was more to the job than answering emails and taking meeting notes. I mean, so what if he likes to watch me do my office work without my shirt on? No big deal. All I care about is making ends meet and taking care of my son. But Gentry seems determined to make me a pawn in his personal vendettas and power plays.

And then there’s Gentry’s handsome former collaborator and current rival: Jackson Vale. Jackson makes me feel. He makes me feel alive. Feel sexy. Feel in control and out of control at the same time. He makes me want a future when I can barely manage the day to day.

For a girl like me, it’s dangerous to want. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this life, it’s to never put my heart on the line.

The stakes of these games are getting too high, too fast. It was just supposed to be a job. But now I’m stuck between two men intent on destroying one another. Will I make it out of this with my heart, soul, and body intact, or will this CRUSH ME?

Warning: Contains triggers and dark themes which may be distressing to some readers.

Now THIS… THIS is how I like my dark reads. Fast paced, twisted plot, alpha males…

“There are two circles in my life, and they must never touch.”

Calliope is a single mother, sharing rent with her sister just trying to make ends meet. She got mixed up with the wrong man, not at all who she thought he was. Now she’s having to say goodbye to her son once a week and every other weekend. As any mother would do she’s trying to get her son back, for good. With money tight that means getting a better job. A better job equals a better lawyer.

“Which means, tomorrow morning, I’ll be heading straight back into the lion’s den. Whatever it takes.”

This is how we meet Gentry, Callie’s new boss. Callie knew immediately that this job would require…. more… than your typical assistant duties. But she is just THAT desperate to get her son away from her ex that she will literally do anything to keep this job. Gentry is all male, large and in charge. His form exudes dominance.

“For a second there, a second, I felt like I was on an equal footing with him. And then, just like that, he stole it away from me. Put me back in my place.”

On a “business meeting” Gentry introduces Callie to a former friend and possibly future partner. It’s up to Callie to win him over to Gentry’s side…. she’s a pawn in this game being played between the two.

We meet Jackson and everything changes. Feelings are starting to form and Callie is feeling things she probably shouldn’t be feeling, not with another man like this. She barely even knows him. But oh my word the man is hot…..and kind. He is the complete opposite of Gentry and it’s throwing her for a loop.

“I’ve been naked with men before, but never this naked.”

Just when I was working out my feelings for Gentry, it’s quickly coming to light that he isn’t the man I wanted him to be. Not at all I was shocked, disgusted, betrayed… I need justice in book two in the worst way!

PS. Always read the fine print!

My rating: 5/5 stars
*I received a copy of Crush Me from Stasia Black in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks for allowing me to read this book.

Buy link: AMAZON


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