Review | Patchwhore


By Kim Jones


The girl who thought she was living her happily ever after.
The one who fell for the lies.
A victim of infidelity.

After months of heartache and loss, anger ensued.
Rage replaced sadness. Fury took over heartache. Revenge became irresistible.
Now he’ll feel what I felt. One by one, his brothers will take his place in my bed.
They have a name for me in the MC world…


And this is my story.

I love Kim Jones. My first read by her was Clubwhore and it rocked so hard! I had to go read all of her others and they were all just as good. So when I saw this one I knew I would devour it and I did! I love the idea of the underdog, the girl that sleeps around, the girl that other girls turn their nose up at cause she’s THAT girl. It’s different and far from your typical romance.

“It’s erotic. Forbidden. Dangerous. Empowering. If I’d have known revenge would feel this good, I’d have done this shit months ago.”

Carmen is out for revenge when her boyfriend ex boyfriend slept with her sorority sister. Make that SISTERS. He slept with many of them. So what’s a girl to do when he’s moved on and got another girl on his arm already and she’s still hurt and pissed off? She’s going to sleep with his brothers. All of them. The whole MC, the higher in rank the better. It certainly doesn’t come easy though. Carmen makes friends with the bartender, Kat, at their local bar where all the brothers hang out and attend club events. Kat hooks Carmen up with several brothers but they’re not exactly what Carmen had in mind. Nonetheless the job still gets done and the ex is pissed.

“I hope he feels as empty as I did. I hope he’s curled in the fetal position, crying over losing the greatest thing he’s ever had.”

Then we have Cook… a prospect… but not just any prospect. He’s been there all along getting Carmen through the good and the bad. Helping her out when she needs it and coming to the rescue to get her out of those bad dates I mentioned. He’s affected by it and not about to let her go. Carmen is his and he’s determined to keep it that way.

“It’s about one man. One woman. And this one defining moment that changes absolutely everything.”

The ending has a twist to it that makes you wanna scream, cry, yell. Shout it to the roof tops for the two to just get it right! To just open their eyes and see what’s in front of them. It’s heartwarming and swoon worthy. Funny and steamy. Love love love these two together. Kim Jones is quickly becoming one of my favs!

My rating: 5/5 stars 

Buy link: AMAZON



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