Review | Sweet Haven

Sweet Haven

By K.C. Lynn


Two cups of an arrogant, dirty talkin’ firefighter who has an obsession with peaches and the forbidden girl who smells like them.

One tablespoon of a sweet schoolteacher trying to find her place in the world while attempting to resist her brother’s sworn enemy.

A slice of fate that has their hearts questioning the past and the consuming need they have for one another.

A dash of desire.
A pinch of rivalry.
A sprinkle of déjà vu.

Mix together in a large bowl to create a combustible passion and a future that neither of them could have ever predicted.

Bake at 350° for a rich serving of destiny and a love that could burn for eternity.

A timeless recipe that is sure to fill your heart with a generous helping of Sweet Haven.

I enjoyed reading Jase and Sam’s story. It’s exactly what the series says.. sweet!

(Samantha is Sawyer’s little sister. Sawyer is from the Men of Honor series. Sweet Haven is a spin off to that series.)

Samantha’s family is gone and she’s all alone. She’s just trying to get by until she can go be with them. When Jase walks back into her life they make a deal to just let things happen until she leaves. They think they can handle it, no problem. But they are SO wrong!

Jase is a hot, charming, firefighter that doesn’t see himself getting serious. Jase and Sam start out with a love – hate relationship. Flirty banter, making jokes. But there’s always a little truth behind those jokes!

“I don’t know your parents, and I may have encountered Jessie over the years but make no mistake, Sam. Not once did she ever stop my fucking heart from beating when she walked by like you do.”

My heart did little flutters almost every time Jase spoke! Even when he was being arrogant, which he is really good at! You could feel their feelings, that they were there all along no matter how hard they tried to fight them.

Jase and Sawyer have major issues. They don’t get along and never will so they say. All because of the town floozy coming between the two of them and the history with their fathers. So things go sour when Sawyer finds out his biggest enemy is dating his little sister. Sawyer’s opinion weighs heavily on Sam, she doesn’t want to hurt her brother OR Jase.

It really irritated me just HOW much she cared what her brother thought. I understand not wanting to hurt your flesh and blood for someone that isn’t family but you can’t help who you love. Especially when the sole reason they are mad is because of something that happened a long time ago. She is a big girl, a grown woman. It just got on my nerves that route she chose to make her characters go through with the big brother role.

KC’s writing was great. For being a novella is feels like a whole story, not rushed or leaving anything out. There’s more than just the playful banter and flirting with the heartfelt emotions that will have you needing tissues. If you haven’t read these two yet you probably should. They will definitely melt your heart!

My rating: 3.5/5 stars

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.




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