Review | Stroked Long

Stroked Long

by Meghan Quinn


Ok, can we talk about Meghan Quinn? No author can make me laugh like she does! Her humor is raunchy and quirky, so OVER THE TOP! She is laugh out loud hilarious. At the same time there is still depth and swoon worthy emotions going on, which is why I love her so!

I don’t go-to sports romance novels very often so I was a little shy to read this one at first but it’s MEGHAN QUINN! So I knew I had to read it and it did not disappoint! A romcom with a hot swimmer’s bod, how could I resist?! I was excited to learn Bodi Banks our hot Olympic swimmer has a dark side. He has lots of mental health issues going on. Anxiety and OCD thanks to a traumatic event from his childhood.

“You took your paintbrush and blasted my life with color in every direction. You turned my bland life into something of beauty, changing my routine forever.”

Then there’s Ruby. The complete opposite of Bodi. She’s outgoing, over the top, and has no problem speaking EXACTLY what’s on her mind. Most of my favorite parts of this book were Ruby’s funnies she made. Some of it was a little ridiculous but it worked for her! She is the perfect match for Bodi. Understanding and so willing to work with whatever it is he’s got going on that she just doesn’t quite know all the details yet.

Most of the book in some way revolves around Bodi’s tragic childhood event. Which is a huge major event, but I felt like if he would have just communicated better with Ruby and actually listened to what his loved ones and Dr. were telling him, they could have saved some angst and heartache. He was scared and closed off which is understandable but it was a little repetitive for me. I know changing all of that would have been a different book entirely, I’m just picking at the little things.

The sex is HOT, there’s tears and laughter. Anger and happiness…. There are so many emotions running through this book with the secret lurking from his past. Their relationship is definitely tested along with their friends and family. Meghan delivers in this heartfelt romcom!

*I was given an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Releases September 20, 2016

My rating 4/5 stars


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