Review | Author Anonymous

Author Anonymous

by E.K. Blair


OH MY GOSH! Can I start by saying I lost sleep over this book?! Seriously it was so captivating that I couldn’t put it down. Not to mention it’s a TRUE STORY! When I read that in the blurb I knew I HAD to read it. That being said, this won’t be for everyone. There is cheating, LOTS AND LOTS of cheating, and the author takes us into a sex world that is quite the opposite of plain ol’ vanilla.

Tori is a wife, successful author, and mother… until she goes online for research for her book. One thing leads to another and she’s spiraling down a dark path, playing with fire.

After so many lies, more lies are told to cover up the first lies. It’s mind blowing to know that this really happened. She put herself and her family through all of this. She could have stopped at any moment but she COULDN’T. Tori was addicted. I think that makes this story so much more mesmerizing, knowing that this DOES happen Seeing inside someone’s head while devastation is happening all around her and she can’t get out of it. It made me feel helpless and I just wanted to take over and make decisions for her.

“If you ever want your soul to dance in the clouds, you will at some point have to juggle lightening and taste the thunder.”

There were times that I hated what Tori was doing, yet at the same time as I was reading I was feeling the exact same thing she was experiencing. I fell just like she did.

I loved this story. I know a lot of people are probably judging the author and maybe even dislike her after reading this, and maybe that’s why she chose to stay anonymous but I freaking loved it. It was gut wrenching and eye opening all at the same time. I felt sorry for her but wanted to tell her to wake up. Her answers were right in front of her face all along she just couldn’t see them until all the wrong things happened, and oh did they happen.. like a train wreck. And that’s life sometimes.

“Life is messy, and you can’t compare reality to fiction because you’ll always wind up disappointed.”

Oh and by the way, the steamy level in this one is off the charts!

My rating 5/5 stars


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