Review | Ball Peen Hammer

Ball Peen Hammer

by Lauren Rowe


Peen. Peenie. Ball Peen Hammer, also known as, Keane Morgan. Keane is a male stripper –think Magic Mike – and a dang good one! He’s ridiculous with no filter, completely over the top, and he has blue hair. He’s not a one woman kind of man or so he thinks until he meets Maddy Milliken.

Maddy Milliken: Mad dog. Madagascar. Baby doll. Little sister of Hannah Milliken and she is strictly off limits after life forces them together. Maddy needs Keane’s brother’s parking spot at UCLA and who would be better to take that long car ride with her than Keane himself! Their feelings for each other start off as just friends  -no insta love here-  their banter is hilarious! It’s cute and flirtatious. No harm done. Until lines are crossed and things start to blur….

“Better sign another waiver, baby doll. I think you’re about to become hopelessly obsessed with me.”

 “Come on pickle,” Keane says. “Admit my dimples make you wanna hurl yourself outta your jar and jump my bones.”

After some heavy feelings are thrown around, the lack of communication really causes the pot to be stirred! I was rooting for them as the pages turned and wanted to jump in myself and fix it all!

Friends with benefits never work. Or do they?

“I’m pulling on my crazy-pants and zipping those bad boys right up.”

Sexy, slightly emotional, romantic comedy at it’s finest!

My rating: 4/5 stars 

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