Review | The Assassin Game


The Assassin Game by

Kirsty McKay


I received a copy of The Assassin Game by Kirsty McKay from NetGalley for an honest review.

This book starts out giving off an eerie vibe.. the boarding school for privileged genius kids on a cliff with caves that used to be some kind of asylum. They’re part of an Assassins’ Guild that plays the game Killer every year. No one gets hurt, except this year things are different.

“Killer number two is maybe forgetting this is all just a game.”

The “pranks” fell short in the beginning. That’s all they were… pranks. I was expecting something far more dark and sinister eventually, but I just felt like they weren’t well thought out and something you might see out of middle school behavior. Then killer number two shows up and things get slightly more interesting trying to figure out who’s the killer and who’s the REAL killer.

Except for the fact that no one ever actually gets killed. There are lots of threats and paranoia. The main character even makes a comment about the situation being just like Clue!

It really has more of a “who done it” feel to it on the lower end of YA than the physiological thrill I was seeking. I still enjoyed turning the pages and ultimately needed to know what happened in the end.

My rating: 2/5 stars

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